Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Holy crap

I'm back at the coalface, grappling with mini t shirts and the like. It is raining today, so I'm not feeling too much like I've left a lovely sunny day for a job.

Oy Vey
left last night - boo - you couldn't ask for a better houseguest. Hello! The girl cooks cake for a living and shops like a woman possessed. Also, I never witnessed her say "no" to a drink. Fine credentials my friends. She also tolerated me asking her every two minutes if she has tried pineapple lumps, vegemite, milk biscuits, l&p, Crunchie bars, Clinkers, lamingtons, custard squares, pavlova, hokey pokey icecream, passionfruit syrup, mussels... all of which we introduced her to. I'm now on a very slight health kick, that involves staying well clear of all the above foods for 2 years.

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