Thursday, January 31, 2008

A slight variation on bullet points - a numbered list! Ending at the number I finish on! (I'm not the "title your post after you've written it" type)

Things that make me go mmmmmmmmmm (in a good way):

1. The dog keeping an eye on goings-on on the street.
2. American Dad being on the box when I thought there was only Coro, Losers and Makeovers. Yay C4
3. Alison's daily snaps. Mike won't be surprised to hear that I went to school with Alison's husband, and now I'm enjoying perving looking at their life. I also enjoyed her practice run for the fair. I'm the kind of person that doesn't practice, because all you will find is that you need more (I must be pessimistic enough to think it won't be perfect).
4. The shop. It is all full of beauty and lovely. We were expecting nothing this month, and have been really surprised at how many people have been through.
5. Ms Frou Frou giving me the idea to download Nouvelle Vague for the shop, which was just what the doctor ordered today.
6. This blog, that I have been entertaining myself with today.
7. The fact I'm going to see these fellas in a few weeks - woo!

8. I've picked up a new stockist.
9. This summer is making my children have happy memories.
10. We had a restaurant at home tonight. When I have a working camera I'll photograph these things, but it is fair to say that Finn and I made an awesome menu, complete with currency to buy the items with.
11. Oy Vey, unmasked - in the frock she got in Christchurch.
12. Cute clothes, in my shop.
13. Rediscovering that the old laptop works just fine, and the right click on it is so functional and great.
14. Wine and chocolate. Nuff said.


Mike Riversdale said...

OK, it might be sweepstake time to say who DIDN'T you go to school with ... me, Sir Ed Hillary and possibly Jona Lomu but Jona's a punt ...

Mike Riversdale said...

Number 10 - brilliant, it will be copied!!!

In payment I give you - we went to Palmers Garden Centre and bought a $6 Swan Plant complete with Monarch Butterfly caterpillar. Jack and Meg have loved it and it's a project for at least a week ...

stephen said...

Who are those fellahs? That you are going to see?

Martha Craig said...

They're the fabulous Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain

Lettuce Hater said...

oooh, i want to see them! they were at the cambridge folk festival last year (apparently - didn't go...sniff)

i can play two tunes on the ukelele - aren't i marvellous...?

Oy Vey said...

I think Nouvelle Vague is a perfect shopping accompaniment (did I spell that right?).

I saw them live a couple of years ago. They are very strange. But entertaining to say the least. I've heard that they don't know the songs they do interpretations of, only the lyrics, but I can't possibly believe that is true. I mean, Melt With You? Who doesn't know Melt With You? Fetuses and ghosts know Melt With You.

stephen said...

I don't know "Melt With You". Who's that by, then?