Thursday, September 21, 2006

Bridget Saunders

What is with Bridget Saunders and Bill Crowe? Is he the only person she knows outside of Parliament in Wellington?

Gah. Every Thursday I read her column and it makes me grumpy. I hate stupid innuendo and speculation, and I guarantee most of it is made up to fill inches. Who would ever know if there is any basis in fact.

"Which Blue MP enjoys the company of young men".... ooooh. Yawn.

If a town doesn't have real celebrities (and hello, politicians and Peter Jackson don't count), then there is no need for a gossip column.


llew said...

Also, I haven't been looking closely, but why do we care if Peter Davis, the 5th Dr Who is gay?

Martha said...

I know, it is just so yawny boring.

Although I might be interested if it were revealed that someone more public were gay, but probably not.

Pip said...

Thank goodness there are other souls who feel the existance of this woman completely futile. Annoying!!!