Sunday, September 10, 2006


I've just been in the backyard painting a table. It is for kindy, and has been waiting for me to paint it for approximately 17 years, but due to bad weather it hasn't been finished. I thought I'd crank up some music, but the only thing in the stereo in the sleepout is a Glen Campbell cassette (cassette!), left over from when we owned a bach, and had a bar there, and played music like Glen Campbell, and drank much, and it was all great and ironic and great.

And now I'm inside, and the neighbours are having to listen to Glen Campbell. Ha ha ha.

This is the everyday housewife getting her own back on the world.

And now I'll scuttle back outside and put something hip on, so they don't think I'm a complete eejit. Perhaps some Patsy Rigger will do the trick.

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