Friday, September 22, 2006

Of camcorders and men

Well, a story of deception and intrigue.

So. We took the dvd camcorder back, because it was a pain. Well, in fact we took 2 dvd camcorders back, because they were both pains.

I saw a good little mini-dv camcorder at Farmers (ie one with tapes) for $699, and Farmers had 15% off yesterday, so that takes it down to about $595. Yay! Then Glen thought he'd see how much they are at Bond and Bond, they are $799. Bond and Bond have a deal where they'll better the price of competitors by 20% of the difference, which usually is a laughably small amount. In this instance however the difference is over $200, so it would mean an extra $40 off.

Glen checked they'd match the Farmers sale price, and they said yes. Until they found out the Farmers price was originally $699. Then the story changed. They'd match the difference for the original price, but not with the 15% off (you keeping up?).

The sign outside said *see conditions instore. So we asked to see the conditions. They didn't have them. They said that the deal doesn't apply to specials (wtf)? They said we'd have to call head office, but they didn't have the number.

It is a wonder that they knew bloody anything.

I've emailed Bond and Bond, and got a list of the conditions. Of course there is nothing about not matching sale prices.

Farking eejits.

Where to next?

I wouldn't mind if it was a condition, but it isn't, and they lied to us to save $20. They shouldn't have these promotions if they're not prepared to occasionally pay it. It is just a stinky lying promotion where the shop staff think they can make up the rules themselves.


Sometimes shopping isn't as easy as it looks.


Sarge said...

That's why people complain to the Commerce Commission...

Martha said...

Yes, and I shall. I'll give Bond and Bond a chance to do the right thing first.

stephen said...

Heh give 'em beans. I hate those snake-oil merchants *oops* I mean consumer-electronics retailers.

Anonymous said...

You should have taken a camcorder and recorded it all for hard evidence.

Cathi said...

My partner is a compliance officer in a self-regulated industry, and he is forever checking published terms and conditions. As a consequence, even though retail is nothing to do with what he does, whenever we fill out a form in a shop (to enter a draw or whatever), he asks to see the conditions. We are usually met with blank stares. If we do get to see them (only if they're printed on the back of whatever we're filling out, as a rule) a little queue of other customers forms behind us while he reads them, which flusters the shop assistant further, who would not in any case be able to deal with any questions that arise.

I admit I whinge when he does this, but more of us should do it, the shops get away with too much. They certainly don't train their shop staff in how to deal with this kind of enquiry.

Violet said...

you should write to Fair Go.