Monday, September 18, 2006

Secretly goodlooking

I was at gym this morning, and Bon Jovi came on the big screen. This made a pleasant change from the Black Eyed Peas (bleurghhghghgh, since the Fergie peeing incident...). And Jon Bon Jovi was horrible with that hair. Honestly, I couldn't see past it. A big bouffy perm on a fella just ain't hot. But then he cut the hair, and it turns out he is very beautiful.

So I'm wondering, who is secretly goodlooking?

I think Paris Hilton is secretly goodlooking, but it is hard to see past the excessive skankiness. There must also be some secretly goodlooking politicians - surely. What about Maharey?

And conversely, there must be some secret shockers. People who are photoshopped and nipped and tucked beyond actually knowing what the hell they look like. Posh springs to mind.


The Editter said...

I saw a photo of Joan Collins without makeup. She was unrecognisable as Joan Collins, but not bad looking or anything. So quite possibly irrelevant.

llew said...

She's also 230 years old - or was this picture taken 200 years ago?

David said...

What's this peeing incident? The news hasn't reached the bits of the Outback I'm currently inhabiting.

Gledwood said...

I know the picture of Joan Collins your friend's talking about it's from about 1982 when she'd been in Dynasty only a year or 2 and no she doesn't look bad as a wigless, (false)-eyelashless and totally make-up free 50 year old woman!!

If anyone knows where I can find it online please tell me as I spent ages googling it (found you that way) I promised a friend I would "try" and look it up. dur. how I regret that now you don't know how many fckin Joan Collins shots I just clicked thru!!