Monday, September 04, 2006

Shirts shirts shirts

This blog has turned into a shirt blog. I eat them, sleep them and primarily make them. The Man Pants were a welcome diversion, but they're all gone now. There are a lot of wetas on blokes backsides at the moment.

I'm going to miss the first book club meeting tonight so I can iron 144 shirts. There should be some relief tomorrow once they're all sent off.

I'm completely loving it. It is great to have something fun to do, that could potentially earn me some ping. At the moment all monies are spent on (you guessed it) shirts, but we've also had to get a printer, guillotine, eyelet punch... and all manner of scintillating purchases.

I haven't had a martini for a week. Now that is dedication for you.


Dodderyoldfart said...

144 shirts!


Cathi said...

I meant to ask when you mentioned this before, but is someone still ordering by the gross (12 x 12 ie 144) I thought that went out with the bustle and crinoline

Jessie said...

Nice work!

Laura said...

You are a real business woman now. Good job. I'm really impressed at how you've jumped in with both feet (and perhaps a hairdryer)!