Thursday, September 21, 2006


There was a flurry of helicopter activity over Petone late last night. They had spotlights out and were whizzing around like in the movies.

And now I can't see anything about them anywhere. Anyone know? Another car commercial, or a psychopath on the loose?


Sarge said...

I think it's the same commercial they've been filming since the weekend. There was something in Monday's DomPost about it. I did see 4 'copters flying in very close formation about 50m above Wellington Harbour last night. A rather impressive display of skill, I thought.

llew said...

Yeah UI saw them from the cable car lookout last night & wondered what was on.

Also, we got given cinema tickets in thanks for leaving our lights on in the weekend.

Mr Tweet said...

Not half as skillful as flying backwards from Picton after scoffing a leftover bowl of rum balls. By the way me and some chums shat all over the vehicle in question which kept the film fluffers in a constant state of agitation. Tweeet!

Cathi said...

Yes I have also heard it's more for the advert from the weekend. Incidentally, as I am trying to comment on Dorking Labs, our offices were given $40 for leaving the lights on at the weekend.

David said...

Are they gunships?

Perhaps Osama bin Laden has been hiding out in Petone.