Monday, September 18, 2006

Camcorder update

So, we got the Sony, and it is fine and does the trick. However, complaint no. 1. You can't just plug it into the computer and download the movie. You have to put the disc into the computer. This would seem okay, but in my experience the dvd drive is less reliable than the usb port. Also, the camcorder goes on about how you can shoot and then put your dvd straight into your dvd player. Slighty techie boring bit to follow. To edit the dvd on the player, you have to record in VR mode. Dvd players don't like VR mode, and don't play it. Some might, but our quite good dvd player won't, and our neighbour's very good dvd player won't. So, if you want to edit your movie you have to download it to your computer. This takes ages, and as far as I'm concerned you may as well be using a tape.

I think our next step will be to swap our Sony camcorder for a tape one. The shop will really be loving us. Any recommendations are warmly encouraged.

I really thought getting a dvd camcorder would be the simple option. How wrong I was.

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Mr Reasonable said...

We have a lovely old Sony which takes wee little tapes and works a treat with Firewire. Nicely compatible with everything and can be recorded onto to DVD via Studio DV. Had it for over 5 years and still going strong despite two kids and two cats. Damn fine brand if you ask me. Good choice.