Thursday, September 07, 2006


I went into the city today expecting some kind of dire third world carnage. People would be eating cold pies, and shivering after their cold showers. I had heard that it was quiet in town, so anticipated a clear run through.

As it happens, the gas stoppage has had no discernable effect to the passing motorist. People were putting on a brave face, driving their cars and eating at the cafes.

Actually, to be perfectly honest, I was surprised to see so many road blockages where there was work underway on the pipes. And on Thorndon Quay we saw real live flames. Finn looked very concerned and asked if they needed help putting them out. I told him they were burning the pipes to get rid of the water. It will be a bugger when he gets older and stops believing my made up explanations.

And in case you thought I might be able to write something that doesn't mention shirts. Well, I can't. If you're in Auckland and in the vicinity of Sylvia Park or Newmarket, please check out the window in The Homestore. Apparently as of tomorrow it will be very babylicious.


tinks said...

Hell Pizza in town are doing a reduced menu in this time of crisis. Consequently I've lost quite a bit of weight in the last week.

Vicus Scurra said...

Another in the series "Nothing ever happens in NZ"?

Kate said...

Hell's pizza menu is back in full swing tinks ;)

llew said...

Vicus, as soon as the gas comes back & we have fire, it's on my list to invent the wheel.