Monday, September 11, 2006

Quiz Night

We went to a quiz night last night. Our team comprised of myself, Glen, my sister, two young Japanese boys and a lovely Japanese woman who is staying with my parents. Our team was called Turning Japanese. We decided to save our Joker card for the food and drink round, figuring it was our best hope. The quizmaster looked at our team as he read the first question, and said "this should be no problem for the Turning Japanese team - how is Sake commonly drunk? Cold, warm or hot". He couldn't have asked a more difficult question. Loads of debate (although we all agreed), but how to answer? It is served hot and cold, depending on style of sake, season etc. But we knew that the answer was unlikely going to cover both bases. We conferred with our neighbours (all former Japan residents also) and the quizmaster.

And wrote warm. And we got it. But it is wrong.

In fact, in Japan they have a song which goes (in Japanese obviously) "Don't Drink Warm Sake".


Urban Chick said...

you drink it HOT??

no!! surely not!!

p.s. lurve your red mary janes btw

Alan said...

Hot sake is good. And swiftly intoxicating.

stephen said...

Well done. Tricky situation carefully navigated. Saké drinking is a delicious minefield of custom and preference... and never let it not be so. I hope you had your flag ready though, to register a protest with the race officials in case it didn't go your way.

Now how'm I gonna get through the rest of the day/week now you've got me salivating over saké at 10:17 am, Monday morning?

Martha said...

We still didn't win.

We scored some free bickies though.

Rosiemunda said...

I went to a japanese restaurant the other night and happened to take particular notice to the fact that the sake was served cold or warm.

So maybe you are half right, or entirely right seeing as you had real life japanese people there.