Wednesday, October 10, 2007

ciga cigar

I keep starting writing, and getting pulled away to do something, or realise that what I have written is about as interesting as watching paint dry, but there you go. Actually, I'd love to be watching paint dry right now, it would mean that the plastering had been finished, and we'd be ready to get our shelving installed.

Yeah, life is kind of renovatingy. Also, it is shoppingy, and shopping happens to be one of my most favourite things. I've even got a legit excuse to peruse magazines all day long, but without the time to do it.

So, shop updates for you all. Um, I'm not going to open with a big launch party, because frankly my signage won't be ready when everything else is, and I'm waiting on some stock, but I don't want to delay opening for those small matters. I might go for a Christmas shopping party instead, in a month, when all my goodies have arrived. All going to plan (and dependent on aforementioned shelves), we should be open on the 20th October. I'm calling it a soft opening, a term I learned on the best show on telly, Top Chef.

And uh, that is it.

Oh, apart from the fact you should buy the new Phoenix Foundation album.



Anonymous said...

The other day I heard of a swanky restaurant in (where else) Auckland that for the last two weeks of their fit out, whenever anyone rang up, the owner would say that they were fully booked. When they actually opened they were, unsurprisingly, swamped

That too is a soft landing....kind of well actually hard but with a soft introduction. Or hard with a hard introduction or completely different to what you're talking about m

Cathi said...

soft launch, yeah man, very Now, very Happening, very Web 2 :)

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