Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Drawing breath

While I'd like to be discussing Britney, and craving the ipod touch, and other exciting things like that, basically I'm as snowed under as I've ever been.

The trip to Auckland put me behind a bit for getting through orders, and then the sudden onset of a really crappy vomit thing with Finn set me back last night, and then the sudden onset of aforementioned bug with Glen set me back today...

At least I managed to get a big order done tonight for a new stockist in Invercargill - Invercargill! Cool aye? I'm pretty stoked with it. Well, stoked now it is finished.

The shop is coming along. Um, each day a few more details get sorted, today it involved picking up my eftpos machine. I can't imagine not working at all hours right now, and I think I really need a drink. Really. Jon Stewart is good, but a little grog with friends is so much better.


Joanna said...

Vodka! On Saturday? Yes? You can bus straight here!

Cathi said...

I am so looking forward to visiting you in your shop. Indeed I was in Jackson St at the weekend and wondered where your new place is. Can't wait can't wait.

I know you have people around you for this stuff but if you need help with computers, databases, that sort of thing, shout.

Hadyn said...

Invercargill eh?

"Babylicious Pants: covering the arsehole of the world"

(with all due respect to Southland and the Rolling Stones)

Oy Vey said...

You poor thing. I think worse than being sick is taking care of a sick man. You definitely need a drink or six.

(Jon Stewart is adorable, ain't he?)