Tuesday, October 16, 2007

One of THOSE days

Do people want to hear about boring crap? Occasionally things go a bit roughly, and today was one of those days...

I got my first blue face on Trademe. Bloody hell. I won the auction on a cash register, and was contacted reasonably promptly, but after the initial contact it was a loooong time to get any responses, and I didn't feel overly confident about the trade. Also, I actually needed the thing, and it didn't seem like it was going to arrive in a hurry. It was all very civil, and then I get the grump face, and the bad attitude. Oh well, I suppose Trademe is full of crazy people. And I ended up getting a fabulous cash register, extremely promptly, from very nice people.

And my counter is stuck in Auckland still. The movers have been to get it twice, and decided they need more people. Obviously I can't open without a counter, so I'm a bit gutted about that, especially as I booked them ages ago, and they haven't been letting me know what is happening, I've been chasing them on the phone.

AND my phoneline hasn't been installed, when it was "going to be in by Monday", so someone else to chase up, and you know what telecommunications are like to get hold of (tele-noncommunications).

Oh, and my old spouse is sick as a dog, but unable to take sick leave, because it is his last week of work (yay!), and that is not a good look.

Bah grumpy.

On a more positive note, we've painted the floor of the shop, and it is looking very dishy. It has a modem, so if I wanted I could take a computer in and surf teh internets. And Jon Stewart is on telly, and that always makes me happy. AND, I'm told my stuff is in the window of Kirks! The window!

So, while it has been a kind of crappy day, I'm reasonably content, and things can only get better...


Sue said...

i promise tomorrow will be better.
aaand the window of kirks = proof that you rock!!!!

Sue said...

not any old window, but one of the big ones
right next to where people wait for the bus

WORLD FAMOUSE in wellytown

spentrails said...

Ah but in the grand scheme of things you're doing very well indeed. My old spouse is ill too (man flu of course) and it's his last week of work too! How spooky is that.

I persuaded him to go in - evil me - and then hobble home early after sneezing all over everyone in the office. It worked. They sent him home immediately.