Wednesday, October 24, 2007

So, like, hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

I haven't got any new or delicious scandal to report. Things are quite quiet around these parts actually, surprisingly so. After all the palaver of getting my ducks in a row with the shop, and chasing up phone people and movers and so on, it is all kind of done. Until we get discovered by shoppers, and become totally flat out, and really freakishly wealthy. Ha! "It all starts with a dream", okay? That is what a lady working at Michael Hill told me once when I was looking at hideous big blingy diamonds. I thought it was a gorgeous thing to say, and even though I had no interest in her jewels I credit her with my most oft repeated saying (when I'm not quoting, you know, Keats and Plato and stuff).

We've been open this week, but without having advertised or even put up signage, we're getting a pretty random group of punters. People are really nice, and say lovely things about the shop. I think basically now it is all your jobs to go and tell everyone you know about the store, and then if it doesn't fly, I'll know who to blame.

Got it? Your mission is to make me massively successful and the owner of a Concorde.



David said...


Are you open Saturday and Sunday?

Is a visitor likely to find you in the shop, or a minion?

Hadyn said...

a Concorde and not a Conchord?

Oy Vey said...

oh my! it seems i've missed quite a bit the last few days.

well, congrats, mazel tov and all that jazz. the shop looks adorable. and i am eyeing those bookbags there. when i come i will buy out the shop. currency conversion be damned!

Nikki (Mother of the Devil Child) said...

Right. I'm on it with the hoardes of Mummies that adore me. *ahem*
Well, atleast I'll tell me forum kids.
P.S. I'll be out there next week. Yahuh.