Sunday, October 07, 2007

More bullet points for Sunday/Monday

  • My brain is still not working very well due to excessive fun at an opening at the Dowse on Friday.
  • The rugby sucked, and reminded me why I'm better off not watching it - I can live without the tension.
  • Yesterday I was grumpy when I started this list, and today I am chipper.
  • I managed to use some of my crazy random ingredients from the other day in a most delicious lasagne - mmm, it starred chipotle sauce from the trip to Auckland, and it was great.
  • The last time it rained like this I seem to recall flooding, huge flooding.
  • I forgot to do my Arthritis collection last week (well, forgot/waited for decent weather). Looks like we'll be making a nice big donation ourselves to make up for it. If you would like to donate, why not go through me, then I'll look less inadequate.

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