Monday, October 22, 2007


Thanks so much to everyone who has said nice things and visited the shop. I love you all, even the scary guy that loitered outside for 5 hours on Saturday. Yes, even him.

I hope you all go and tell everyone in your offices about the place, and then come back over the next few weeks as lots more great stuff arrives... Mr Reasonable makes me want to get a Francis Francis or 7 for the shop too.

Sue has brought in some amazing jewellery - which you must come and see and buy, and a lovely bottle of grog. Ms Hubris came bearing bubbly too. I'm going to hold the grog hostage for a launch party at some time in the not too distant future, so that I can share it with them. Cathi was my first eftpos, and I'm chuffed she made the effort. In fact, I'm not sure we would have managed to open without the prospect of a real visitor who isn't related.

I was very stoked to see young Mark, who I haven't seen for possibly 10 years? How time flies. This shop is bringing people TOGETHER.

Tom came and got some Foxton Fizz Creaming Soda for his vodka, and that sounds like a very fine dish. Maybe I'll have to get a licence and double up as a bar.

Man, if I did that, life might just be perfect.

Oh, the address:

Wanda Harland
148 Jackson St

We are next to Handles, Knockers and Knobs. Try beating that for a name.


cesca said...

If I were in Wellington I'd DEFINITELY be loitering outside your shop. :-) said...

Congratulations again! The shop looks fantastic and we all ejoyed our Foxton Fizz and the hours we spent playing the 'Go Fish' game!

Martha Craig said...

Cesca, I'd relish the loitering.

Rachelle, thanks darl! You guys rock. You must come in regularly and share a Foxy with me.

Amanda said...

My future husband has never tried foxton fizz!! can you believe it? I shall be promptly at your door some stage after the wedding.

Miramar Mike said...

Handles, Knockers and Knobs. Try beating that for a name. - Jubblys, Boobies and Willys ...

Congrats, The Riversdales will be out to pick up our Christmas orders very soon

Mr Reasonable said...

Cripes Mike. Got an address for that place, must go and buy a new set of boobies.

Cathi said...

As I said, you can't go wrong next to a knob shop

Robyn said...

The next time I am in Wellington, I shall loiter with intent at the Wanda shop! It looks like a treasure trove of loveliness.

miss_seph said...

erm... i have not tried foxton fizz either... :(

you still taking online orders? :D