Saturday, October 20, 2007

Shop a squillionty zillion

Nup, not open yet. Bloody close. I'm at home with the kids while Glen hangs up the pictures and does some hammery stuff. I'll head back in this afternoon, and possibly open the doors for a few minutes in a symbolic opening type fashion.

A few lessons learned:

  • Just because all the boxes are there doesn't mean all the bits for the shelves are. We are missing 6 glass shelves and a hanging rail, so our display is kind of crazy.
  • It is a good thing we got a lighting plan. We are going to need it, the lighting is definitely lacking, and we can look forward to spending a small fortune in the near future.
  • Sitting on the phone getting assistance can swallow up valuable shelf stocking time.
  • You should try and remember to get change from the bank before a long weekend, or any weekend for that matter.
  • Connecting to the internet from a new connection isn't instinctive.
  • Windows get really, really dirty without you noticing when they're covered with brown paper.
  • Foxton Fizz is seriously delicious. It is extremely fizzy and can give one the hiccups. Cocktail flavour and raspberry are best, although Creaming Soda is also great, and I haven't tried lime, lemonade and Kola, so can hardly judge. I've got the most beautiful, fat, green straws to drink it with.
  • The counter is an essential part of the decor, and our counter hasn't arrived.

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Anonymous said...

tip, re the bank and change...if you are handy to a mall eg. Queensgate, and they have a bank in it they will be open the same hours the mall is and therefore open all weekend : )