Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Calling in from outer space

Earthlings! Here I am. Not blogging from the shop, not even talking about the shop, which leaves me with

um. All I do is have a shop now (which, yes, I'm currently in).

Which is going very well, thanks.

I still have no counter. Bastards (I did want to use a much ruder word, but now the shop has the same name as my blog, I can't really get away with that shit anymore. I mean "stuff".)

My son has slapped cheek, which has to be the best name for a virus ever. Especially as nobody has heard of it, because you tell them, they're like "you did what to his cheek?!", and I'm like NO, and then we all laugh and eat lamingtons.


The Editter said...

"My son has slapped cheek"
Has he?
Whose cheek did he slap then, eh?

tinks said...

There seems to be a pit of that going around the Hutt South electorate at present.

Mrs Smith said...

"and I'm like NO, and then we all laugh and eat lamingtons." Fave line from a blog - ever. ha ha.

Emily said...

Importantly were they raspberry or chocolate?

David said...

>It was a grand pleasure to meet you.

And you.

I'd recommend that all comment readers drop in and visit Martha's shop. She's lovely, and her shop sells lots of cool stuff.

Nikki (Mother of the Devil Child) said...

Ooo look. A website. With opening hours. Fancy that.
Will consult it on next trip out.

Did our faces leave marks on the glass?

Just kidding... I'd not cause such torment as fingers and faces on glass... I know the feeling all too well, except mine are all under a metre off the ground.

Nikki (Mother of the Devil Child) said...

P.S. I hope the kiddo recovers soon. No idea about slapped cheek but can't be fun.

Lara said...

Where have I BEEN? Congrats on the shop!!! It looks adorable and I wish it weren't on a completely different continent/hemisphere/etc or I would go there. Lots.