Monday, October 02, 2006

8 sleeps til Brooklyn, I mean Brissie

Car booked - yes
Motel booked - yes, although my advice? Don't book after a few wines. You'll end up with a two bedroomed villa on 4 acres of parklike grounds in central Brisbane, with 2 pools. 2 nights will cost more than a week's mortgage. Oh well, it is a holiday.

And Wiggles World is at Dreamworld, brilliant.

So now I need another 5 nights accomodation at half the price.

And a container for all the Ikea orders I've been getting from people.

Can't wait can't wait can't wait.


Peter said...

ooohh, ikea.. i'm still hankering for Target, after two hours in one in LA, back in July. Then i discovered you can shop there via amazon...
have a great time!

SoSu said...

surfer paradise is cheap as chips. Try finding an apartment complex somewhere around main beach. It's enough away from main surfers to keep you sane, close enough to allow shopping frenzys and has an excellent selection on wine bars and cafes.

dreamworld has a deal for about $10 where you buy a second days ticket before you leave on your first day. magic!

SoSu said...

ooo i live target
i spent way too much money there last week, most on DVDs and PJs

Cathi said...

ooh ikea, there's only one thing I want from ikea (actually two) and I couldn't ask you to get them as they'd be very big. The main thing is a king-sized mattress pad to replace my current one which over 11 years has shrunk horribly. The second thing is a chair.

You could ask them if they ship overseas? I could get a friend to go in and acquire said item if ikea would ship it to me.

(feel mean asking you to do things for me on YOUR holiday)

Martha said...

I asked at Ikea when we were last in Aussie, and they don't organise shipping, but they will give your stuff to the shipping company if you organise it, if that makes sense.

David said...

I'm currently at Mission Beach, about 150km south of Cairns and probably 1500km north of Brisbane. So it doesn't look like we're likely to meet up :-(

Anonymous said...

IKEA ORDERS! I've got hubby coming back from business in Sydney with his and his colleague's luggage allowance weight worth of flatpacked goodies :D I love IKEA and apparently (unconfirmed rumours...) Ikea is coming to the new giant Albany mall thing next year! YAAAY!

again - unconfirmed, totally hearsay.