Sunday, October 08, 2006

Police 10-7

Hi drama in the city of Petone. I just heard some banging, and muted the telly (which was crap anyway - what has become of telly? But I digress) and Glen went outside, and his scooter was lying next against the house, and he looked on the street and some youths ran away.

I got on the blower to the police pretty quickly, but I suppose since they didn't actually take it, it won't do much good. And now the police are going to be visiting, and we kind of want to go to bed.

But it was very exciting.

Good thing we've got housesitters when we go away. I can just see the juvenile delinquents wanting to steal hundreds of baby tshirts and a 10 year old telly.


Anonymous said...

i heard banging too and thought nothing of it.......

a scooter must be pretty irresistable!

SoSu said...

housesitters do rocketh
i should know it's my sideline

David said...

Tell the Old Bill that they were fleeing at 55km/hr in a 50 zone and they'd be around pronto.