Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Bananarama, originally uploaded by Wanda Harland.

Australia is fabulous. The supermarkets here are a triumph of international cuisine.

As long as bananas cost as much as a deposit on a house though, I won't be moving here.



Lisa said...

If you go to Mackay and see my ex boyfriend tell him Lisa says "holy shit you fuckwad, pay your phone bill and stop with this disconnection nonsense". Also, tell the next Queenslander you see that I have bananas in my kitchen that are getting browner and browner by the day due to disinterest. Then laugh at them.

Hadyn said...

Did you feel like the world's biggest tourist when you were taking a photo in a supermarket?

Locals nudging each other saying: "Bruce, look at that sheila. She's never seen banahnahs before"

Martha said...

Lisa, I think I saw him down at the Toowong shops yesterday.

Hadyn, I actually thought I might get kicked out for some kind of NZ espionage charge.

The Shopping Sherpa said...

a) Those bananas are comparatively cheap
b) More importantly they are yellow and banana looking, not grey and disgusting looking like we've got used to.

(Check out the price of smoked salmon, red peppers, cherry & grape tomatoes and eggplants if you want to be jealous in return!)

Rosiemunda said...

This is why I am looking forward to my christmas holiday in NZ.

Bananas. Sometimes you don't realise what something truly means to you untill it's gone ...

Jo Hubris said...

That shit is B A N A N A S!

Also, if you can buy a house in Australia for a $15 deposit, perhaps I can learn to live without potassium in my diet. Or is that $15 a kilo? How much does a house weigh?

Cathi said...

I saw last night that Khandallah New World has bananas at $2.99 a kilo.

Thought of you :)

Thought of you again this morning when I had one for breakfast.