Sunday, October 01, 2006


In case you thought I'd grown up and given up drunken blogging - a hahahhaha. Not 'alf. Although I'm not too pissed, just a few wines for my sister's 31st. Does that ever sound right? I think I managed to get used to my baby sister being in her 20s, but 30s? Mind you, I'm not sure I'm accustomed to being in my 30s yet, and 34 is looming large.

So, I went and had a pedicure today. Christ. I was feeling like it was going to be an appointment at the dentists, and I was bang on. Although the dentist never makes you a bit prettier, just poorer and sorer. It was part of my sister's celebrations. Happily I won't be addicted to pedicures, and happily I won't go to my grave wondering what one is like.


Cathi said...

I didn't like it when my sister turned 26, she is six years younger than me and I (still) have the mental picture that I am 26. She and I could not both be 26 at the same time. Problem.

I told my father about this at the time and he said you get over it, as he knew because he was still 25 :)

Oy Vey said...

Happy Birthday Wanda Harland's Sister. 31's a good year.

Susan said...

When I found out that they file your toenails not just cut them I knew I couldn't have a pedicure. Too much like fingernails on blackboards........yuk!