Thursday, October 05, 2006

No smiling, we're from New Zealand

I had a very traumatic time last week getting Malo's passport. It is very difficult to get a picture of a 2 year old, very difficult. My first attempt was denied by Internal Affairs, because he was smiling.

Passports take 10 days, unless you're prepared to give them a car or something, and each day was precious (given that we'd allowed 8 days). We raced into a pharmacy to get some pics, and no bull, it took 1/2 hour to get Malo to shut his mouth (open mouths aren't acceptable either). You're not allowed to have your hand in the picture either, so heaven forbid you try and hold up an infant's head.

Photos have to be a natural colour too. Malo's was too pink.

Anyway, nightmare over. The passport is on its way with the courier as I type. On its way, or stuck on the motorway. This weather has to be seen to be believed.

Anyone who wonders why we're going to Brisbane - hello - 25 degrees.


Anonymous said...

I was going to suggest that you get him to read your blog, that would wipe the smile of his face, but it would probably also cause his jaw to drop. Tough innit?

David said...

I've seen the NZ passport photo rules and they strike me as being quite bizarre. The one that really amused was that you're not allowed to prop your glasses up on top of your head, like most Australians do with their sunnies when they're inside. Or wear a hat. But you can be photographed with most of your face covered for cultural reasons.

And why on Earth shouldn't someone smile?

stephen said...

Yes, henceforth the New Zealand National Expression shall be the glower.

Cathi said...

The smiling thing is, I believe, because face recognition software can't cope with smiles.

So if you're a bomb-toting terrorist with a record, walk around with a grin on your face and you'll be fine

Anna said...

Omigod that is so funny. I have not met you but, owning a nearly-two-year-old myself, I can imagine the inherent difficulties you encountered in that pharmacy and I am sooo thankful it was not me! Ha ha ha! What a cutie though. My daughter would go for him. She loves the lads already, and favours blonds. Watch out Malo!