Tuesday, October 31, 2006


On Saturday we went to some friends house for about the most delicious meal one could ever hope for.


Give me a moment while I remember it


all sorts of goodness including asparagus with yuuuuummmmy anchovies, and lamb, and vege tart and olives and lentils yummmm all with a hearty chaser of mandarin tart. Don't even get me started on the wines. Delicious. Sileni sticky, Villa Maria Pinot (2003 I believe).

We were joined by very goodlooking and talented people, one of whom is my dentist. I haven't seen him on a professional level since 5 years ago. I'm busy people! I've had babies, and you know, been busy. I told him that I had a new theory about teeth which involves going to see him when they hurt. He told me I'd need a root canal.

Just quietly, in my own head, I smugly thought about all that good fluoride I'd had as a child to make my teeth strong and white.

But now my teeth are hurting.

And actually, I grew up in Christchurch where there is no damn fluoride in the damn water.



llew said...

The dentist slipped something into your tart obviously.

Go to a different dentist, then he'll never know.

Anna said...

I think it would be a bit weird to socialise with your dentist - ditto with your doctor. They KNOW things about you! At least he hasn't seen inside your mouth for 5 years. Should be a distant memory, we would hope.

Kate said...

your doctor across the dining table... now that's a horrid thought!