Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Who is ready to die of boredom?

You may have noticed a gun in your face when you check Wanda Harland recently. There, on the right, see it?

For some reason I've signed up to write a blog post everyday. I think mainly because I wanted to see if I could load the button. I did, and could.

Actually I think it is more a test of the reader than the writer. I can write shit everyday easily, the only restriction is sometimes my conscience reminds me that people have better things to do than read posts about nothing.

So prepare yourself for lots of really exciting posts about, you know, how I hung out the washing and how we had asparagus for dinner and how great our skylight is.

Our skylight is great, by the way. Just fantastic.


Anonymous said...

Ah but can you write only one post a day?

stephen said...

Dammit. As soon as you said "asparagus" I thought "mmmmm canelloni with asparagus and tomato and cheese sauce and lemon juice and paprika" *droooool*

Must be lunchtime.

Anne said...

The skylight....did you have it put through the "lean to" part of a house (or perhaps your place is of a later vintage, and too sophisticated altogether for a lean to?) Or was it put though a deeper part of the roof? I'm wondering (if it's not too cheeky a question)......could you give me a ball park figure for having a skylight put in? We haven't yet found a builder we're happy with in Petone, and although we've had quotes for work from builing companies they seem to be terribly inflated!

Asparagus. Yum! Everyone should be having it for dinner!

Martha said...

Anne, it isn't through the lean to bit, but it is right near the edge of the house, so the 'tunnel' up to it isn't too high (maybe 2 feet?).

We got a quote for a solatube for $1095, but lots of people told us they're crap.

Instead we used our fabbo builder, Paul Kitchenman (in the white pages in jville), and he put in a beautiful velux, relined our ceiling and plastered it all for a good deal less than 2k. We love him a lot. I recommend him highly. He has been to Antartica as a builder, how cool is that?

Email me if you'd like more info or his details.

Martha said...

ps. email is martha at

Anne said...

Oooh yep, skylights are way better looking than solatubes. I'd consider a in the laundry perhaps, but in a living area how nice is blue sky?

I worry about seagulls though.

...Having said that, I've been hanging out my washing in Petone since 1999 (last century even!) and have never had it hit by anything nasty.
But the windows. The do they manage to hit the windows? I swear some days they fly by sideways!

I'm sure they're better behaved on yor side of town.

That is SO kind of you to recommend your builder. (Though if he's busy on a big job in Nelson street next time you want him you'll be regretting your act of generousity!)
Many thanks!

Martha said...

We drive the seagulls away with lead down this end of the beach.

You're welcome to the builder. I like to share the love around. A LOT of my friends have also used him, and every one of them is stoked.