Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Gin o'clock (a much better time than mullet o'clock)

Time for French beat poetry

Le mullette, c'est fini
Le gin et tonique, c'est froid (ou chaud, whichever est cold en francais)
Le orders c'est deliveree
Le vacation, c'est booked

Auckland, la bas!
Le apartmente (si in doubt, add un 'e') booked.
Le Craftwerk, au demains,
Le preparation-not-even-close-mate.

Mais, oh la la.

Regarde how well those trois annee de Francais tuition did moi.

Aussi, c'est ironique how much I don't read poetry, yet je suis clearly so gifted.

1 comment:

guinness girl said...

You are obviously a talented linguist and poet! I love it. :) Also - love the changes to babylicious! We need to set up another swap soon, as my friends are apparently very fertile. Why are lady pants only available in mediums? What about us fatty American types? ;)