Tuesday, November 28, 2006


It is the 28th. That means after today's scintillating blog post, there are only 2 more compulsory posts and my month of compulsory posting is finito.

You may have noticed that I post quite frequently anyway. I do this because my brain ticks constantly, like tinnitus of the brain. This is probably the reason why I'm not going to discover the next theory of relativity (Relativity 2.0), even if I did manage to come up with it, before I knew it I'd be onto whether silver would work on orange Man Pants or not.

My email isn't working again today. This time it isn't my fault, as I've been reliably informed by someone far more capable on the computer than me. It has lead to me to re-examine using Google Mail as my server, but it is all so frickin time consuming and complex. Code where? The mx with the smtp of the dns wha? When I'm very wealthy I'll have a secretary, and they'll sort all this bizzo out, between ironing the newspaper and making me cups of tea. Actually, I think I need a valet to do that stuff. And my secretary will be my assistant, and they will really do all the work while I reap the rewards.

And now back to the important matter of the orange Man Pants.


Sarah said...

Silver would definitely work on orange man pants.

White or yellow (or maybe a lime-ish green?) would be fresh and fruity.

Brown would be retro seventies.

Actually really excellent would be beige undies with brown. For old school one day cricket fans.

Pink or red would also be lovely.

Electric blue would suck.

Martha said...

Brown does look awesome. I'm kind of loathe to even try anything else because it is so good. I will give silver a try, because I think it too will be ace.

Hadyn said...

Beige man-pants are horrible horrible things. Trust me. Unless you are trying for comedy.

Green would be good. "Kelly Green" maybe?