Friday, November 17, 2006

Sky Man

After a devastating lack of rugby last weekend, I decided to treat the old fella to Sky tv. It is being installed today. I anticipate the blogging will become even more monosyballic (I may have invented that word - spell check has no idea what I'm on about) with this new addition to the household.


llew said...

Did you get mySky too?

That really rocks.

SoSu said...

i predict you will get addicted to the lifestyle channel, and reruns on channel 5

Martha said...

No MyySky Llew, baby steps.

Sue, I reckon. I'm already hanging out for Porno Valley tonight. Sounds like seriously high brow stuff.

Anonymous said...

Au contraire, dear Martha, you will become more creative and rich in your use of language here, because at home there will be no-one to talk to. Be careful not to type too loud during the rugby.
Or the cricket.
Or the soccer.
Or the reruns of Malcolm in the Middle.
Or anything else.

Martha said...

Vicus darling, I'm married to a scientist. Things couldn't be much quieter.

Anonymous said...

I concur. I'm married to a scientist too, and coincidentally we just punted for Sky on Wednesday. The house has gotten even quieter since then.

I spent two hours this morning mesmerized by the drivel that is the E! channel and its 101 most shocking moments in entertainment. Clinton and Lewinsky was entertainment? Now that was a shock.

Bring on the monosyllabic words!

Anonymous said...