Monday, November 27, 2006


We're all guilty of it. Sometimes what you're saying just seems worthy of an exclamation mark. I try to always remove them, usually things read just as well without. Same goes for 'just', 'but' and 'though'. Not that I stick to my own rules eva, cos rules are made to be broken, yeah?

I am, however, somewhat alarmed by some new magazines I received in the post this morning. Her Business is full of exclamation marks. I was compelled to count them in one story, because they were taking over. 15 on one page, not counting multiple instances (ie. !!).

It goes to show that anyone can be in business. Even the multiple exclaimer, or maybe especially the multiple exclaimer, squeaky wheel and all that.


Anonymous said...

But blogging is better with exclamation marks! Just look at how flat your post looks! Poor post, though!!!

However, you forgot about "however"!!!

Martha said...

I have to have some filler words!!! However, I take your point, I just enjoy driving people batty, though.

Cathi said...

Wow!! Who'd have thought it??? But I don't get what's wrong with "just"! Though I can see that you might have to leave yourself with "however", however.

It's the smileys that are my downfall :)

David said...

One of the units at work was finding that it's outgoing e-mail circulars were getting blocked by external spam filters, and wanted to know why. My first advice to them was to take the long line of exclamation marks out of the e-mail subject. It just screams "spam".