Sunday, November 12, 2006

Ode to Asparagus

Oh strange phallic green vege
You are long
And edgy

You wouldn't make it on a catwalk
With your bendy ways
You're just all stalk

But I love you raw
You taste like peas
And ironically

You make pee


hers said...

I've been meaning to do an asparagus pee smell and a beetroot poo colour post for a few days now.

The joys of spring eating I guess.

Dodderyoldfart said...

I still like the Bagel, Bagel, one best...

Though I must admit, .. a very cultured post...

Alan said...

But the purple stuff, isn't that odour free?

Anonymous said...

Thank you, that reminded me of Shelley.

David said...

There isn't nearly enough vegetable themed poetry about... well done!

Cathi said...

smelly pee - one of the ways you know you're alive

melissa said...

martha... I love it.

Martha said...

Thanks team for your supportive words.

You would barely believe that I am the same person who used to go to the Poets Pub at Trekkers and drink $2 pints and scoff at people talking about their cats on sunny windowsills.

In fact, if I recall rightly, I was kicked out of the pub for reciting a rather fabulous leery joke.