Friday, November 24, 2006

7 boring facts about me

1. I'm a bit bored of myself blogging.
2. I'm getting the mullet trimmed tomorrow.
3. My birthday is in 22 days.
4. For 22 days Glen and I are a decade apart in age (yep, he is 23).
5. I'm right handed.
6. I hate goat cheese.
7. Tonight I'll eat steak.


Jo Hubris said...

I hope you enjoy your steak tonight, wherever you may find it. I had lots of fun hanging with you yesterday!

Martha said...

Thanks Jo, we've booked the Crazy Horse. I wish I was there now, I'm not good at waiting for grown up time to eat.

And thanks for the company last night, I had a super time, although I'm shaaaagggged today.

Anonymous said...

Quick! Play air-guitar now while you still have the rock-n-roll hair! Tease it up like Siouxsie Sioux.

guinness girl said...

So,'re turning 13, then, no? ;)