Friday, November 03, 2006

Rant rant rant

Public Address has announced their new Public Address System site. I imagine it will get all fiery when the DPF commenters find it...

It has more on it than I could begin to explain, so y'all just wander over and have a gander.

I like how on this blog I can write "y'all", and feel not too twitty about it. My site yeah?


Anonymous said...

uuhhhhh yeah. about that system thingee.

I'd just like to apologise to everyone for hogging the "latest posts" rss feed today - I just discovered Google Beta's "labels" and have been industriously adding labels to all my posts.

I'm' not trying to spam your feeds PA, really!

Jessie said...

Grr. I haven't got the beta thing yet. I had the option a while back but was confused and ignored it and now it's never coming back.

Anywho. I love "y'all".

Martha said...

Yeah, I've been wondering how to do the beta thing too. I've got an account, but how do I shift this blog?

Anonymous said...

I clicked the "shift blog" button. I think it said something like "do you want to shift to the new blogger beta?" and I went "Yes!" and then it went "please wait while we shift your blog" or similar, and then it said "yay you moved" or something to that effect.