Friday, November 10, 2006

Ginger beer

Yesterday I bottled some ginger beer. I'm very keen for it to be ready, I am not the kind of person who likes to wait.

The recipe was from Meals Without Meat, by Alison and Simon Holst. I have a lot of cookbooks, I love them. Meals Without Meat is by far the best used one. I'm not even a vegetarian, but by oath, a book that has a recipe for fabulous easy ginger beer, and tempura, and African bean casserole and pesto and no knead bread. It rocks.

If you don't own it already, I suggest you buy it for yourself for christmas.

I also rate highly Jamie Oliver's books. Not only is he hot (he bloody is, no dissent please - I've met him and he is even hotter in real life), but his recipes are fab. I've never tried one that hasn't been delicious.

Mmmm, must be time for a trip to the Moore Wilson's Farmers Market in Porirua. It is terrific, and definitely worth a trip.

I'll let you know how the ginger beer goes...


stephen said...

I'm on to my second copy, despite being an omnivore. Tis indeed a great local classic.

Mmmm, ginger beer.

Tom said...

Pah, ginger beer's just not the same unless it's made with meat.

Make Tea Not War said...

I thought it was out of print. It's my best used one too- though we are vegetarians. I taught myself to cook from it (and the Enchanted Brocoli Forest) in fact.

rhiannon said...

I agree, jamie oliver is hot as. Although I don't like his recipes, I like him plenty.
I think my mum has the meals without meat book,prhaps I'll steal it for xmas.

The Shopping Sherpa said...

That has to be the best cookbook in the universe. I'm onto my third copy (I gave the first two away) and have also bought two other copies at garage sales and op shops and given them away to people who I thought might appreciate them.

Now I think of it, that book might just be on my "things I'd save if my flat was burning down" list. (I highly recommend the alphabet soup - good solid vege soup in 15 minutes? Gotta love it. Also the zucchini cakes are divine)