Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Well, the Google mystery thickens.

Apparently we've violated their terms. I don't really know how, we haven't changed the site for ages, and it seemed to be acceptable then. Possibly someone else has claimed we've breached trademark? We haven't. We've been trading as Babylicious for 4 years (albeit sporadically), registered our company, and nobody else has patent or copyright in this country.

I've submitted a form to Google to try and get us re-included, but the whole thing is a bit of a pain.

Glen has been busily re-designing the site, and that should go live sometime in the next couple of weeks, so if there is some inherent fault in our design, that may remedy it.


Brena said...

Check to make sure you don't have keywords stuffed in through the page, any hidden text as in same colour as the background or hidden with a style sheet (display: none;). The google bot has gotten pretty smart lately and the big g has dropped lots of pages for such tricks or at a minimum stripped page rank. Perhaps read up a bit on search engine optimization - try Hope this helps.

Kate said...

ooo - waiting for the new site with baited breath!

Martha said...

Thanks Brena. I think hidden text was our crime. I've deleted it and emailed them, but it said it could take a few weeks to remedy it.

Kate - don't get too excited! It is just fancier menus really.

Hooker said...

I just signed up with a merchant site through paypal today. Only after four hours of pulling my hair out yesterday and two phone calls to the customer service people today. I can't stand shit like this.