Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Shopping bro'

I went into the big smoke on Sunday for a bit of shopping action. Town doesn't open til 11am on a Sunday, what is with that? There were a whole lot of people wandering around aimlessly waiting to spend their moolah.

First stop was the MAC counter at Kirks. They piled the makeup on me, and I spent the rest of the day looking remarkably tanned.

Then I tried to find some clothes. Man. Eventually I ended up spending our entire household income for the year at Starfish on a pretty t shirt. Today I realised I couldn't really justify a t shirt that cost more than our fortnights groceries, and took the pretty t shirt back and got a store credit. When did $200-300 suddenly become the default price for clothing?


Sarah said...

I gave birth to a tiny but perfectly-formed donkey yesterday after seeing the $1200 La Prairie moisturiser in the Kirks catalogue we received in the mail.

Martha said...

Mmm, it is very hard to keep your cool when everyone around you has clearly lost the plot. Where are people getting all this freaking money?

stephen said...

I don't think many people are buying these things (although there will always be a few shopaholics with a little credit left).

What's happening is that these are prominently displayed to make the cheaper things look like bargains, and adjust your perception of a reasonable price upwards.

So if you, Martha, started selling premium Babylicious shirts made of some suitably outrageously expensive material, at say $200 apiece, you might get the one or two orders that justified whipping out the sewing machine, but you would also alter the perception of your current stock, and you should see their sales increase.

Not that I know anything about marketing , but then neither do marketing people.

Martha said...

That is exactly what they seem to do, because for the first time in my life, $109 for a t shirt seemed bargain basement. That prompted me to spend twice as much as that on something so flimsy I could see through it.

I might have to increase my prices. I almost died when I saw my Man Pants in a shop for $36, I can't believe people have so much to spend on so little.

llew said...

T shirt? Isn't that like coal to Newcastle? Fridge to Eskimo? Sheep to SunnyO?

Martha said...

Yeah, another reason I took it back. I'm going to get a dress instead, which is kind of like coals to Eskimos.