Wednesday, October 25, 2006


To reflect my mellow mood I've gone beige. This also reflects every surface in our house, although resene would never be so tacky to admit it is 'beige'. Perhaps we'll call it 'sisal'.

I'm ready for a new banner too. I have no idea how that will happen though. If anyone is feeling nifty, please make me one, and I'll print you a t shirt.


Cathi said...

I can't help with the banner, sorry :(

The beige looks white in my Opera browser, just thought I'd let you know

SoSu said...

buy one through etsy
there are so many cool designers and wow is it cheap, i just picked up my new look for the grand price on USD $15 from thsi charming lady

Hadyn said...

I think Resene use street names now for their colours. Maybe this scheme is...Dixon St?