Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Do you think FAQs on websites are ever real? They never seem to address whatever it is I'm wondering about.

Here are the FAQs at Wanda Harland:

Where does Wanda Harland come from?
Porn name.


Well, my porn name was Noski Ohiro (first pet's name, street name). Not very hot. Wanda was my tooth fairy, and Harland a name my father said he liked if I were a boy. Seemed a little more rock n roll.

How do you get time to blog?
Seriously? Have you read this blog? It isn't written after lengthy thinks and masses of drafts. In fact, I have never done a draft nor proofread a post. I'm pretty low rent.

Unasked FAQs

Oh, so you're a geek
WHATEVER. Yes, I suppose so. But I still can't make my computer work, or earn serious money.

Do you meet people over the internet?
It wasn't the plan, but I have met lots of great people over the internet now.

Did you score?
No. I'm a low rent geek. Nobody wanted to.

How does your husband feel about the blogging?
Strangely, quite impressed. He is easily impressed, which is why I love him,


Cathi said...

Gosh, on that basis my porn name is Sesame Rosalind

cool :)

hers said...

I wish I could remember my porn name. ;)

llew said...

Jimpy Saint Mary....

I always thought Wanda Harland was a pun on Wonderland.

The Editter said...

And I thought Harland was after the street not so far from Ohiro Rd.

I read "so you're greek" and wondered how that was a FAQ seeing as it had never occured to me.

I also love how this post ends with a comma, as if there's more to come,

Martha said...

Editter, I think it may very well have been finished halfway through a sentence because more was going to c

Llew, it wasn't a million miles from my mind when naming the site. I'm pleased you noticed.

Hers, huh? What is it?

Cathi, I like. Sesame is a hot name.

stephen said...

The Orcon FAQ has the cheek to have "Why are your broadband plans so fantastic?"

The Commerce Commission ought to punish them severely for false advertising.

One more truthful site I frequent has a SAQ, ie Seldom Answered Questions, which seems far more reasonable.

Carmenzta said...

Where I work, no bull either, we have FUQ's (Frequently Used Queries) on our computer system! Needless to say that abbreviation got a few snickers!

My porn name (if anyone cares) is Jolie Sunset.

Fonofale-buck said...

What a darling little boy you have!

Danny Balliol