Monday, October 09, 2006

Further update on police drama

Although obviously it isn't a drama.

Turns out the youfs stole someone else's scooter, so the coppers are heading around this afternoon as it is slightly more serious than just trying to take one when one actually goes.

Our place looks like we've just helped ourselves to someone's home, as we've cleared out the kitchen in anticipation of the builder arriving on Wednesday. There is a choice selection of appliances arrayed across the table. That's my story and I'm sticking to it - no way related to any planned splurges while we're away (the kids get 20kg luggage allowance too...)

And fingers crossed that Malo's dreadful lurgy buggers off in time to let him enjoy our holiday. Wiggles World won't be the same with a lethargic 2 year old.


hers said...

Gosh how exciting!

Here's to having an amazing, wonderful, fabulicious time in Brizzy!

Martha said...

Thanks Hers, I can hardly wait. v.exciting.