Monday, October 23, 2006


It has been a big Labour weekend here in NZ. I'm looking forward to wearing white from now on, although I don't really have any. I'll have to get some. Does that white after Labour Day actually work for NZ?

It has been a large weekend, tainted somewhat by the hangover that hangs over. I participated in a fairly unremarkable fair thing in Lower Hutt on Sunday and Monday. Hardly anyone came, they bought nothing, and we had to listen to BJ Bear talk about the League to the kiddies. Argh.

Craftwerk today was like a homecoming. We got the internet buddy corner (ie. where all the cool cats were). I was next to Dairne, opposite Rachelle, within cooeee of Sue, and if I'd swung a cat I could've made contact with Melissa and Rhiannon. We had a splendid time. All the public were lovely, generous of spirit and of pocket.

I don't know who the band were, and can't quite be arsed finding out at this minute, but they were fab. The Southern Cross is barely recognisable as its former self. It is stylish, spacious, classy and has an amazing garden bar. The loos look eerily similar to their former selves, but apart from that the place is transformed. They've even got rid of the public bar.

I feel like this is the first night "off" I've had for ages, so I'm plonked in bed at a nice early hour and I'm going to try and churn through my not very enjoyable book (yet). I'm sure it will improve once I have the time to give it.

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melissa said...

was lovely to 'meet' you yesterday - hope you had fun. I had a great time although am looking forward to getting out of this airport- it's been a long morning waiting around for the weather to clear...