Monday, October 30, 2006


I must be a good parent.

I just had to give up the vase of my dreams, bargain of the century on Trademe, because Malo was crying in the backyard, and by the time I got back the auction had finished.

This is what they mean when they talk about sacrifice. Some might think people are referring to lack of social life, figure and career. What it really means is that YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO BUY THE VASE OF YOUR DREAMS.

If anyone has a white, ribbed, handpotted, 18cm Crown Lynn vase about the place, please let me give you some money for it. I need one.

Yes, I'm shallow. I don't give a shit though, so best not to point it out eh?


Peter M said...

there is nothing remotely shallow about collecting Crown Lynn - thats national treasure-material!

Dodderyoldfart said...

I was hoping for another pome.
I liked the bagel one ...

The Shopping Sherpa said...

You do know about the shop up in Newtown bursting with Crown Lynn, don't you?

And doesn't Trade Me have autobid like eBay?

(If you get desperate I can post you one of the $4 IKEA vases:

Kate said...

oh they're cool!

lol - i nearly typed melbourne as my password. itchy flying feet.

Martha said...

They do have auto-bid, but I find that I need to know how much other people are prepared to pay to know how much I want to pay. Really, I'm not what you would call conventionally good in auctions.

I've got a few Crown Lynn vases, but that one would have been king. Dammit. It was a good $200 cheaper than I've seen them for before.