Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Ay ya

Might be curtains for stitch and bitch. Hardly anyone showed last night. Heaps came the time before, but I can't be arsed organising and paying for it if nobody shows up. Sayonnara s'n'b.

I don't mind at all really, it was nice while it lasted, but now I'm so damn busy in the evenings with millions of little tiny shirts (I wish it were millions, imagine, I'd be rich!) - I'm happy to give it up.


The Editter said...

Oh. Well I'm sorry I only came twice. And that I never had anything to stitch.

Martha said...

That's okay! It was lovely, and still will be I imagine, but frankly I don't feel like shouldering the responsibility.

It was excellent to meet you. And I may organise more occasional snb sessions, but not with the whole venue/money paying bit.

Vicus Scurra said...

OK, so I missed one. No need to get all bitchy about it. Guess who we're going to be talking about next time?

Rhiannon! said...

Yit seems these stitching and bitching groups are pretty hard to keep going. I think we've stopped ours about three times since I've been going (maybe its me! ha!).
We just have it at someones house and everyone brings something though, so i suppose it rules out the venue and money thing!

Rhiannon! said...

Aesop added a Y in front of my 'it'! I can spell! promise!