Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Le crazy scene c'est ce bon

I'm kind of doing that beat poet vibe today. Imagine me in a beret, fag nonchalently drooping, clicking fingers.

The kid man,
Sick, (click) wanting UP! (long hiss noise)
Never sleeping
Wiggles (ahhhhhhhh)

So, not a bed of roses here. Not utterly terrible, but no time for ME ME ME ME ME ME ME.

You get that though. And in 18 years they will have left home, and I'll miss them.


Domestic Goddess said...

I only have one child and I am battling similar time issues.

I may go postal. I can only imagine how busy your life is and still you manage to blog. My blooming hero.

I mean that without a hint of sarcasm.

Carmenzta said...

Martha, you're right about not having any time for yourself now and then not knowing what to do with yourself once the kids are gone.

All I can say is: Enjoy this time, it's really wonderful, especially when you look back. You realize that having time for yourself is overrated!

laura said...

But it would be so nice to have a little time now so that you could really appreciate how wonderful they are. Say a nice afternoon having a facial and your hair done? I would really appreciate my kids so much more if I could have a pedicure too.

Make Tea Not War said...

[joining in playing some bongos wearing a black turtle neck]

Well if its any consolation they probably won't leave home in 18 years. One of my colleagues was telling me the other day how sick she is of her adult children who keep moving back home again and again and again because they can't afford to flat/have relationship break ups/ mental health problems etc, etc. She was even driven to comment how easy her life would be and much money and time she'd have had she never had them. So that's probably cheered you up, eh?