Friday, August 11, 2006

Public service announcement

Do not touch telecom.

Do not pay them $200 if you pass go.

They are bastards.


Sorry, it was a brief spurt, and then blogger went down so I couldn't clarify.

The situation is more or less this. My sister has no phoneline, and it has taken 4 weeks so far of technicians and so on. Yesterday she was assured by Mr T at Telecom that she would have a phone today. Today the Mr W at Telecom said that Mr T wouldn't have said that, because he knows Mr T, and Mr T isn't a liar. Which basically means he was accusing my sister of being a liar.

They have just been treating her like a moron, and I heard her on the phone today, and she is as far from sounding like a moron as I can imagine.

Oh, and she told them that basically they had to help her because she doesn't have any other options (she can't get Telstra), and the guy said "yes you do". And she doesn't!

Until we remembered Woosh. So no more Telecom. Ta ta.


llew said...

What, what, what?

Martha said...

oh, they're just shafting my sister with her connection...

Kate said...

one word:

Of course there are lots of other lovely words, but I wouldn't do that to your lovely blog.

red said...

whats gone wrong with her connection?

Carmenzta said...

At least it's a consolation to know that the phone companies all over the darn WORLD are morons, not just locally!

julia said...

When our phone line broke (literally!) it took Telecom days to come and fix it. On the other hand, we switched back to Telecom because Clear managed to piss us off so much. Saturn was not all they promised (ie, TV unwatchable and broadband as slow as dial-up). Sigh. I don't know what the answer is.

Anonymous said...

I'd do woosh if their data caps wern't more pathetic than telecon's. Or if there was naked DSL :/