Monday, August 07, 2006

The martini

Ode to a martini

Ahh, martini,
Sweet nectar of the gods,
How you made my ears tingle,
How you made me get drunk.

Friday I went out with a few of the Wellingtonista crew for a martini taste. Tom guided us through the fine art of how to eat the olives, Alan looked like he could've coped with more, it was lovely to see Jo again, and I have her 101 stories to read now. We were also joined by the mysterious Maximus. (I have just shamelessly ripped off all Alan's links, so much easier than doing them myself).

We had some food at Last Supper Club, some cocktail (is that cocktails singular?) at Ponderosa, and some g and t at Go Go. Tom had a martini of course.

We were on the bus home by 10.30pm, so perhaps not the wildest night, but beautiful because I completely escaped feeling hungover. A miracle, or perhaps drinking things that cost $14 kind of limits ones consumption.

And I was hilarious on the bus. Everyone thought so. They just kept their laughter inside so that it wouldn't make me blush.


Make Tea Not War said...

There's nothing quite like a martini. I (nearly) always feel compelled to say something like "ah, sweet, sweet alcohol" after the first sip of one. They are quite nice with giant capers as a change from olives too.

Alan said...

Capers! Are you sure that's really a Martini™?

We'll have to check with Tom™!

Martha said...

Gosh you're a trickster with the TM thingy.

And capers, my word, I like the sound of that.

Maximus said...

Mysterious maximus? Not so... just not a real blogger. Perhaps that means i'm just a blogwatcher. Do you shorten that to blotcher? Hmmm... Hey, i found that weird woman's website - and i was wrong. It wasn't America, it was Canada. And it wasn't a cat with panties on its head... it was a dog called pepper... (but she did have pants on her head... and not even Babylicious ones...) And most of all, it wasn't a link from your blog, but one from Kate's blog... so, sort of right, but mostly wrong, so multiple apologies, and no, i won't link it cos, unlike you, i don't know how, and besides she's just a little crazy... but her name is Captain Howdy Girl...

Martha said...

I think I was just following Alan's lead with the mysterious bit.

Actually I've been meaning to mail you, because I'm sure I promised to email you a link to something... or something. My brain has suffered to many martinis (I wish). And now I'm in bed, and my wallet with your card is somewhere else, and I will try and remember to mail you when I'm more vertical.

And I do recall seeing Captain Howdy Girl some time ago, and it was insane.