Tuesday, August 01, 2006

High falutin

Wow. We've just been to the Park Road Post for a screening of a new short film called Shadow Over the Sun.

My parent's have a lovely old house in the Wairarapa, which was used as a set for the movie. It was barely recognisable having been transported to a riverside locale with the benefit of (hushed tones) technology. Consequently they scored us all tickets to the crew screening (I guess that is what it is called?). The director gave a wee spiel, and we all sat and watched the 8 minutes of film.

I don't think I'll go into the film. It had a jolly nice house in the Wairarapa in it, and a very attractive young actress, and some booby shots.

But Park Road Post (whatever that means). Cripes. It was like being somewhere very ritzy and California. All carpets and million dollar art works. The cinema was a triumph of Moroccan meets Egypt - north African you could say? With those lights that make you go "ooooh" as they change from red to green to mauve. Luverly.

Sadly we had to leave before the drinks got under way. There goes another chance for the social pages, although my family are still there, and they more or less add up to the same genetic material.


Hadyn said...

Booby shots? In an 8min film?

It had better have been for "artistic" purposes

Jack Lambchop said...

Post-production facility located in Park Road = Park Road Post. Just a guess.

Jo Hubris said...

Stop stalking me! I was invited to that too...