Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Dolly bird

I quite often have schemes and plans. Yesterday I had another one, although I'm well aware it will last about 7 minutes.

I thought I'd try and become a Dolly Bird. What could be sweeter? I put on moisturiser and flossed my teeth. Then I managed to blow-dry my hair into a mullet. So I gave up being a Dolly Bird yesterday.

Today I managed to make my hair not look like a mullet, I went to the gym, and I dressed in something other than a hoodie.

We shall call this Day of the Dolly, and hope that I manage slightly more Dolly-Birdish behaviour in the days to come. I'm vaguely thinking about leg waxing in the summertime, but I don't want to go completely overboard.


Juha said...

Don't give up! A fluff and the puff and you'll be there!

Kate said...

The girl that sat next to me on the train this morning got on Upper Hutt. She spent a fair amount applying her makeup. I thought the mascara application was quite game considering the rumble of the carriage along the track.

It must have had the required effect as some man offered to help her put her got on when we got to town.

Oh to be young and nubile again – or at least have the bloody time and energy to be bothered trying to look the part.

Martha said...

So jaded already Kate?

Suzanne said...

I have been trying to become a dolly bird too. I dyed my hair blue, put fake tan on and even painted my toe nails red. I just dont think I really look the part though. Does anyone have any ideas to help?