Saturday, August 19, 2006

High School Musical

I saw the music video the other day from High School Musical. I actually thought it was some indie band being incredibly ironic, and I actually thought the indie band was called High School Musical, and I actually thought that was quite clever.

So I had to watch the movie when it was on tv tonight. I bloody loved it. I didn't actually see much of it, as I was sewing labels into shirts (yawn). But I didn't really need to see it, because it is just Grease, but I mean that in a very positive way. I listened though, and yay for pop songs and musicals.

It is my major regret about the universe that we don't all burst into song and synchronised dance at the drop of a hat.

Although we saw what happened to Buffy when it hit the Hellmouth.


SoSu said...

it's like grease3

stephen said...

Kathy and I do in fact burst into operatic recitative and improvised broadway numbers in the kitchen. It embarasses hell out of the kid, but she needs something to tell the psychiatrist about when she's older anyway.

The big problem is realising at the last moment that you can't rhyme the next line.