Thursday, August 03, 2006

Thou art Martha

As youse fellas know, I spend my every waking hour trying to replicate Martha Stewart's life. First the name, then the cooking, handy hints, now this whole craft thing.

Obviously, like Martha, I appreciate that cleanliness is next to godliness, and I spend hours purging the house of clutter, riff raff and filth.

So what to do when a robot comes home from kindy looking almost exactly like the recycling bin contents?


Carmenzta said...

I wish I was like you. Sadly, I'm losing touch with my homemaker side as I get older and the house shows it. But I really admire your energy and creativity!

Kate said...

Conveniently step on in while in a drunken stupor.

Obviously there will be tears be bedtime, but hey, that won't last for long.

(NB I'm aka Cruella d'Ville)

Alan said...

Heh, we have that exact problem too. Sheets of paper you can file away; 3d collages of "found" material are something else.

Unless... I know! Why not sell them as art via your new website? You could make mint! Better than Damien Hirst any day!

Anna said...

Aaaah, so that's what it is - now I recognise this form of art [and shudder inwardly] but be assured it is a phase that will pass - in a few years, although number 2 son will have got into it by then... Our house collected so many of these 'robots' that I started a rule - only 1 on display at a time, for one week. Then it was filed in the garage, until forgotten about by the artist, and discreetly DESTROYED by artist's mean mother.