Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Wow, frost! In the balmy, sub-tropical (okay, seriously sub-tropical) haven of Petone. Which means today is a triumph of glorious frosty sunshine. And worth the cold toes in the morning.

And somehow my wee sub-tropical paradise has started attracting the tuis. We're going positively native around here. I credit my planting of some tui-attractants, although really they seem to just like the macrocarpa next door.

Man, I've gone all natural. I'll have a martini and get back to you with some crap shortly. It is the sun playing havoc with my brains.


Carmenzta said...

Martha, what are "tuis"? Are they butterflies?

Martha said...

Tuis are a native New Zealand bird. They look quite cute with their white tuft of feather at their neck, and they have a really beautiful and distinctive song.

Our suburb is near the sea, and full of cats, so we don't see many bush-loving birds like tuis, and it is a real treat to have them around.

Carmenzta said...

So cute! Thank you for the link. Hope that martini was good!